The Robins are back!

Posted on by on March 13th, 2012 | Comments Off on The Robins are back!

Wow! Look at the weather! Is spring here or what? I just saw a couple of big fat robins in the front yard. We all love and dream about a mild winter and absolutely go crazy when we are blessed with an early spring! I remember a similar winter / spring about 23 – 25 years ago when we were working outside wearing only light shirts. The mud was intolerable but the temps were wonderful and we even got sun-tanned!

It is not too early to clean up the yard and start fertilizing. I recommend going to your favorite lawn and garden supply and getting a 3-4 step program going. Even reseeding bad spots or the whole yard for a lush lawn can be done soon, but be ready for some heavy duty mowing this summer! Finally, get rid of the grubs and you will get rid of those ugly, pesky moles and skunks.

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