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Angelina and I spent two weeks in Winnipeg, Manitoba last fall.  If you don’t know where that is, find Fargo, North Dakota, on the map and go straight north!  Angelina is originally from Winnipeg, so we had a great time visiting family there.

Of course, we can’t travel anywhere without being attracted to new homes!  It’s in the blood, I guess.  There is TONS of new construction happening in Winnipeg, so we wandered through a few beautiful subdivisions one chilly morning.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Aren’t these colors gorgeous?  I love how the dry stack stone complements that rich chocolate siding.  The deep colors just make the white trims pop!

This is the first of several uber-contemporary homes that we fell in love with.  I’m not crazy about the overall look, but I love the stainless front doors and the rust patina on the steel plate siding.

This home is quite a bit more traditional.  Again, the deep, rich colors make it come alive.  This home does windows really well-notice the transoms and the grids in only the top half of the windows.  I especially like the window in the garage (second from left).  Very classy!  This is proof that traditional does not equal boring.

As much as I love the contemporary homes, this mountain/chalet inspired home is definitely my favorite.  The colors are rich and earthy, suiting the simple, elegant lines of the home.  Even though I don’t really like shutters, they suit this elevation perfectly!

This home is another favorite.  I love how there are 5 colors (at least) on the front elevation-white trim, creme stone, two shades of gray stucco, and blue stucco.  Very nicely done.

Here’s another neat place under construction.

This house is traditional with classy, contemporary details making it Angelina’s favorite! The front doors, transoms over the garage, cedar columns, stone and that address post!

Unfortunately, that big tree prevented us from getting a good picture of this beautiful home!  More vibrant colors in the red  siding and multi-colored stone.  Probably my favorite part is that curved roof and corresponding window in the middle of the house!

Yet another favorite.  The copper colored steel roof really suits the home, and I love the roof lines.

This place was spectacular.  Very Tuscan.  And those garage doors?  Out. of. this. world.

Hope you enjoyed this virtual home tour!

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