Progress on the Cozy Craftsmen

Posted on by on July 11th, 2013 | Comments Off on Progress on the Cozy Craftsmen

This is going to be a home that I might want to build for myself one day! Efficient use of space, the kitchen within talking and seeing distance of both the dining area and living room, entry ways big enough for a family, lots of closets, built ins flanking a fireplace, a large garage and a pantry.

There’s a series of books called “The Not So Big House” by Sarah Susanka that I’ve been reading through again and she issues a challenge to build houses for the way you live, not the way you think your neighbor lives. For any of you out there thinking of building you should look into her design philosophy. It makes you think about homes differently.

That was a rather long aside- moving on! The photos I have to share with you are from a few weeks ago, just before drywalling, but I was on-site today and was drooling.


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