Custom Built-ins

Posted on by on March 18th, 2014 | Comments Off on Custom Built-ins

More and more customers are requesting custom bookcases, cabinets and storage cubbies. These are excellent ways to make good use of very specific spaces.

What about your entrance areas? Are there built-ins that would help you and your kids organize better than a traditional closet? Think about giving each person in the family their own cubby for storing coats, shoes, backpacks or even mail!

Laundry rooms are another area that can greatly benefit from custom storage solutions. To save on square footage you might think about building storage vertically, about having space for laundry baskets under a counter for folding laundry or to have drying racks that swing out from the wall and lay flat when not in use.

Books are an item that can take up a lot of space and many homeowners wish to store them in such a way that invites usage and makes them easy to find. Think about your needs- how many feet of books? what heights? What about collectables that you want to display, how can you best set up a space that will highlight your favorite things?

No one else will use a space the exact same way that you will. Plan your home and it’s built-ins with specific thought to the way you use a space. Search for inspiration photos and then talk to your builder about your needs and together you will be able to build something great!

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