Jackson 2014 Home Show!

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We love when we have opportunity to meet with prospective clients and to showcase some of our projects. If you are planning on building or renovating it is so important that you have a good relationship with your builder, communication is key in any type of project and this is no less true when building.

Come meet us at the Jackson 2014 Home Show! Call or email us at 517-787-0899 or for free tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Custom Built-ins

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More and more customers are requesting custom bookcases, cabinets and storage cubbies. These are excellent ways to make good use of very specific spaces.

What about your entrance areas? Are there built-ins that would help you and your kids organize better than a traditional closet? Think about giving each person in the family their own cubby for storing coats, shoes, backpacks or even mail!

Laundry rooms are another area that can greatly benefit from custom storage solutions. To save on square footage you might think about building storage vertically, about having space for laundry baskets under a counter for folding laundry or to have drying racks that swing out from the wall and lay flat when not in use.

Books are an item that can take up a lot of space and many homeowners wish to store them in such a way that invites usage and makes them easy to find. Think about your needs- how many feet of books? what heights? What about collectables that you want to display, how can you best set up a space that will highlight your favorite things?

No one else will use a space the exact same way that you will. Plan your home and it’s built-ins with specific thought to the way you use a space. Search for inspiration photos and then talk to your builder about your needs and together you will be able to build something great!

walk out basement

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A picture for you to enjoy of progress on the contemporary home’s phase two which includes a gorgeous patio at basement level. More pictures to come!

cozy craftsmen updates

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Pictures of the cozy craftsmen nearing completion:

The family home is completed!

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We have completed the family home and photos are up on the website click through to our featured projects to see more of the final pictures.

Progress on the Cozy Craftsmen

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This is going to be a home that I might want to build for myself one day! Efficient use of space, the kitchen within talking and seeing distance of both the dining area and living room, entry ways big enough for a family, lots of closets, built ins flanking a fireplace, a large garage and a pantry.

There’s a series of books called “The Not So Big House” by Sarah Susanka that I’ve been reading through again and she issues a challenge to build houses for the way you live, not the way you think your neighbor lives. For any of you out there thinking of building you should look into her design philosophy. It makes you think about homes differently.

That was a rather long aside- moving on! The photos I have to share with you are from a few weeks ago, just before drywalling, but I was on-site today and was drooling.


Lake View Home: ICFs

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Construction is underway on that house a couple posts ago with that GORGEOUS view. The owners decided to go with ICF for their exterior wall construction because of it’s energy efficiency and smaller carbon footprint.

For those of you thinking of new construction with ICFs, but wondering over the cost benefit, we have found that with a typical mortgage, the higher cost per month on your mortgage is equal to the cost savings on your energy bill. Of course this fluctuates based on your type of heat and how much you heat/cool your house. For example: one of our customers had propane heat and kept his house in the upper 70s, his cost savings per month was in the hundreds of dollars!

I’ll leave you with what we all love: the pictures!


Under Construction Interior Photos

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It’s lovely when you see customers making design decisions that are one-of-kind no matter how small! Our customers gave Steve Shutt some pictures of fireplace surrounds and trim styles that they liked and he designed and made the mantel. Here are progress shots of that and the trim during the staining process (taken on a phone so very sorry for the poor quality!):



















New Signs

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Look for a Kingston Builders’ home being built near you!

Home on a ridge with a lake view

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Can you seriously get any better than that post heading?! This is an incredible lot, and it’s also going to be a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind house. Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning?!