framing the family home

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Some of the hottest days of the year and we (we not including me- I don’t think I’d be allowed on the framing crew!) are outside framing. Most days start at 6 am and finish when the sun is at it’s height.


building memories – family fun

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I’ll be you never thought of building a new home as a family adventure! We recently met with the homeowners on the day that the concrete was being poured in the garage. Here they are – all lined up and making impressions that will last a lifetime. This is better than any growth chart you might have recorded on your closet door! These kids are having almost as much fun as their parents. While mom and dad are excitedly picking out all of the special products and features that will be part of their new home, the kids are playing “king of the mountain”, and summertime sledding on the piles of top soil…ooops….looks like it’s bathtime.

building for a family

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We’ve just started construction on a new home in the Jackson, MI area and we’re planning on posting blog updates along the way.

Our customers have a young family and entertain frequently, so these were big priorities in considering the design layout of their new home. With this in mind they designed a custom layout with an open common area to encourage family togetherness, yet it also includes guest rooms that are far enough from the bustle to allow overnight guests quiet when needed.



We are all so excited about this project and can’t wait to share it with you. So join the kids, grab a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy watching our progress on the entertaining home!

the contemporary home: under construction

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Summer is here!

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It seems we spend all winter whining about the damp, cold miserableness and imagining life in a warmer place. Every winter I spend time dreaming of what life would look like in Jamaica, Southern Italy, Mexico……. In all reality it likely wouldn’t be by the beach with a coke in hand.

So go outside, make some sun tea (because you all know coke is bad for you) and soak up enough sun to get you through next winter!


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In new construction or renovations most of us end up doing what is considered normal, as it tends to be a challenge to think outside the box. One area that is often overlooked is the exterior of the entrance way. We often describe the entrance to a home like an introduction to an essay or a teaser for a new book-definately very important!

What does your entrance way say about you? (Currently our front door doesn’t even have a coat of paint on it so let’s not delve too deeply into the answer to that question!!)

One of our customers and his architect, Damian Farrell Design Group, choose to use store front glass in their entrance way. In my mind, it created an austere but inviting and interesting introduction (doesn’t it make you want to see what’s inside?!).

Here’s another interesting doorway that caught my attention. They’ve pulled inspiration from colors in their landscaping, creating a fun, bold statement that is a tad extroverted! This house was in Richmond Homearama and I first saw it on this Young House Love blog post. (Which, by the way, has a ton of inspiring home photos!)

What do you think?  Do you prefer your entrance to be bold, expressive, and vibrant, or do you appreciate a more subtle, understated look?

Backsplash Tile

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I’ve been looking around the internet for interesting backsplash tile as Aaron and I have pretty much settled on glass tile that’s long, skinny and random.  Our floor is slate so we want something that doesn’t mimic the colors but that pulls inspiration from them by using a selection of grays, white and the odd splash of something bold.  We haven’t found anything perfect in our price range but here’s some inspiration if you want a similar look:





Live from the Home and Lifestyle Show!

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Here we are at the Jackson Fair Events Center in booth #62- looking forward to seeing you here! Click here for buy one get one free admission.

We’re on Facebook!

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We’re excited to announce our new Facebook page!  Of course, we’re always looking forward to connecting with new people, so feel free to write on our wall, “like” us, or just look around!

Jackson Home Expo 2012!

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It’s a sure sign of spring when the Home & Lifestyle Show comes to the Jackson Fair Events Center! Over 80 area businesses will showcase their products and services. Come on out and see the great displays and get some new ideas for your home and garden. Visit us at booth #62 – we hope to see you there!