New construction financing in the Jackson, MI area

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In this tough economy, one of the biggest hurdles for many small businesses is obtaining financing.  Not surprisingly, this is a common problem for people interested in building new or renovating as well.

Below is a list of local lenders, who (to the best of our knowledge!) are currently writing loans to qualified borrowers for new construction and remodeling.

First Place Bank / Jon Mykala / 734-433-0922

County National Bank / Brenda Carpenter, Dave Kreger / 517-768-7200 / 517-783-1500

Citizens Bank / 517-783-4604  (existing account holders only)

Homestead Savings Bank / 800-332-7694

Fifth Third Bank / 517-782-5301

Hope this helps!

The Robins are back!

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Wow! Look at the weather! Is spring here or what? I just saw a couple of big fat robins in the front yard. We all love and dream about a mild winter and absolutely go crazy when we are blessed with an early spring! I remember a similar winter / spring about 23 – 25 years ago when we were working outside wearing only light shirts. The mud was intolerable but the temps were wonderful and we even got sun-tanned!

It is not too early to clean up the yard and start fertilizing. I recommend going to your favorite lawn and garden supply and getting a 3-4 step program going. Even reseeding bad spots or the whole yard for a lush lawn can be done soon, but be ready for some heavy duty mowing this summer! Finally, get rid of the grubs and you will get rid of those ugly, pesky moles and skunks.

think building is too expensive? think again!

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Often, when potential customers approach us about building or renovating a home, one of their first questions is “How much is this going to COST?!”

Good question.

In this economy, few of us have the luxury of spending on any product without asking that question.  It is extremely important, no matter what your budget, to analyze the project that you are considering and determine where to save.

Gotta have those quartz countertops?  Consider eliminating one of those four bathrooms.  Have your heart set on a stone exterior?  Maybe go for that look on the front of the house, and choose a more economical product for the sides and back.

Here’s an interesting article that I found the other day that addresses this very issue.  Enjoy!

THE Bathtub

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Aaron and I are about to renovate our main bathroom and we have rather different tastes. He loves contemporary and I am drawn to an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional. Case in point? Right now we have the coolest claw foot tub that I would love to restore. Aaron claims that it is beyond help and would be impossible to restore. I think the problem is that he just doesn’t like it enough. Anyway- we were browsing online and found a tub that would make us both as happy as larks! Isn’t it beautiful?!


The Blog: About Us

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We are so excited to be beginning this phase of our online presence with this blog!

This blog will be a way for us to share cool products we’ve come across and projects we are really excited about. There are a couple of us contributing and we hope the different voices and content will excite you as much as it does us! Here’s a little introduction to all of us:

Steve- He is the owner, builder and realtor. He’s the one who can figure out, and solve, any problem he encounters. He has been building, fixing and creating things since he was a kid. One of our customers called him an artist, and after you see his work I’m sure you’ll agree!

Betty- She is the office manager. She’s amazing with people and so has the job of communicating with customers and keeping things moving.

Aaron- He is a project manager. He’s the one who loves researching new products and figuring out how to use them.

Angelina- This is me! I’m new to the business and find myself a part of it as I married Aaron. I’m the website developer and have a background in Structural Engineering.