the ICF home

concrete+foam=low energy bills

When a devastating house fire destroyed Gordon W’s home, he knew just what he wanted in a new home.  Not only did it need to be roomy and spacious, but it had to be energy efficient as well.

We began the consulting process with the focus on energy efficiency.  While many energy solutions are marketed today, such as geothermal, solar, wind, and more, our recommendation has always been to start with the shell of the home.  It really doesn’t matter how efficient those systems are if the structure itself is not energy efficient!  The decision was eventually made to build using “Insulated Concrete Forms,” or ICF’s.

ICF’s have been around for a long time (we first used them over a decade ago!), but they have only gained widespread respect and usage over the past several years.  Essentially, they are a foam block designed to be filled with concrete.  They can be used for the basement only, or for the entire building.  Each course of blocks are stacked on top of the lower ones until the desired height is reached.  The central cavity is then reinforced with steel and filled with concrete.  The entire system can yield insulation values of R-50 or more!

This particular project included the demolition of what remained of the old house, including crushing the old foundation and reclaiming the site.  A location on this spacious country lot was then selected for the new home.

The end result?  Today, Gordon enjoys a home that is quiet, strong, and energy efficient.  He happily reported that his energy bills were about HALF what they had been in his old house!

Contact us today for more information about ICF’s, SIP’s, or any of the other energy saving systems on the market.  These systems are more affordable than ever, and our experienced and knowledgable staff will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.


  • Energy efficient construction
  • Finished basement with second kitchen and epoxied floor
  • Three season room off the back
  • Sun tube lighting



  • Location: Henrietta Township, Michigan
  • Architect: Design Basics
  • Square footage: 2200
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Bedrooms: 4